Saturday, 23 December 2017

Politico spreads lies and fabrications reminiscent of the Iraq WMD fake news campaign

In December 2017 Politico published a story titled: "The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook", written by Josh Meyer, that is riddled by fabricated assumptions and disinformation that has two main objectives:
- Kick start the campaign for the destabilization of Lebanon
- Give Donald Trump a breather and a bargaining tool with the democrats working on his impeachment

Mossad, the Israeli secret service, and its neo-con minions in the US government are upping their game against Hezbollah after their destabilization of Syria partly failed and made Hezbollah only stronger. They want now to sow havoc in Lebanon and they have many Lebanese and Iraqi "Uncle Toms" happy to do their bidding.

Meyer's report is calling for a "pogrom" against the Lebanese diaspora in Africa, Latin America and the US. Meyer spews lie after lie, very reminiscent of the WMD reports and "investigative" reports published in the New York Times and all US media, prior to the invasion of Iraq that killed hundred of thousands of innocents. A war crime.

The Israeli government is going for broke and wants to enlist the US in its new adventure against Hezbollah.

Not that Hezbollah or Iran are innocent or afraid or weak. No they are dangerous but Israel and the current US administration are ready to destroy Lebanon to reach their goals.

The Obama administration surely saw through the fables called Project Cassandra, the DEA  case linking Hezbollah to drug traffickers in Columbia. In fact the code name is taken from "Erik Larson book “In the Garden of Beasts,” in which the former U.S. ambassador to Germany named his U.S. speaking tour about the growing Nazi menace after the famous mythological figure whose warnings about the future were unheeded."

Hezbollah are the new Nazis determined to exterminate the Jews. So lying, killing innocents, impoverishing millions, bringing death and misery to Lebanon and to the very dynamic Lebanese diaspora is fine because Hezbollah is the ultimate evil and guess what it profits Donald Trump to have a bargaining chip against the democrats and their champion Obama.

Meyer should be investigated for racial incitement and for spreading dangerous lies that could lead to more misery and death in the Middle East in order to assuage the extremists in Israel.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Racism On The Rise

And you wonder why racism and racist attacks are on the rise in the UK and the US:

From the Daily Mail website: notice the medallion showing Muslim men that is meant to steer the emotions of some of their more than 10m daily viewers.

Another example is the Drudge Report with one of their titles reading: "Khan of Londonistan demands more autonomy..."